About Ari's Offering

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

A close-knit community often has some form of goodwill to help out those in need.


Ari’s Offering (AO) started out as a small project in early 2019, to collaborate with communities in sending relief to charity homes. 


We looked into one of the problems that homes often faced: financial reliance. So, we thought of a way to alleviate this burden; raising funds via delicious food!


Calling out to families and friends, we started dedicating a special day to distribute food to charity homes. This became an exciting weekly project for both the AO team and the beneficiaries.


Now, we have fostered a generous community on our platform; where members can conveniently and confidently contribute funds to support the less fortunate.


AO wants to fulfil the promise to this community - that we will actively build the bridge to connect with the underprivileged.

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"Poverty is a complex issue, feeding a child isn't."