Panic Buying and Food Hoarding Hurt Charity Homes

Just two days ago, we saw the ugly side of Malaysians, where people went into panic mode: stockpiling on food, sanitisers, and toilet paper. The same scenario was also seen in the US and the UK and other countries affected by the deadly virus COVID-19. Shoppers grabbed packets of rice, hoarded trays of eggs, and swooped dozens of instant noodles; fought over bottles of shower gel and argued with queue-jumpers. Everyone was afraid having insufficient supplies for the next two weeks due to the Restrictive Movement Order.

Little did these shoppers realise, their impulsive reaction has caused the less fortunate amongst us to be left with little or nothing to grab from the shelves. People with higher disposable income were scooping more than they need in one trip but the underprivileged would not have the same option.

Charity homes and shelters are deeply affected by this. They depend on the public and corporate contributions and donations in the form of cash and food supplies, and with people hoarding food for their own family in their homes, many charity homes are forgotten. Orphaned children, elderly folks, people with special needs, and people with reduced mobility in charity homes suffer the most.

As a member of a caring society, it is our social obligation to look out for the less fortunate. We can play a role to aid these homes and remind the occupants that they are still very close to our hearts especially in bad times when the country is going through a crisis. Show your kindness and extend your generosity to them. Let us all pitch in to ensure that the less fortunate and underprivileged are not left behind.

Contribute to our Care Package Programme, where we deliver essential food supplies to charity homes around Malaysia.

One care package provides enough food for 25 pax for one week.

Please contribute at your own capacity. Every RM150 we collect will be bundled into one care package.

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*Please state 'Care Package' in your payment reference.

Click here to contribute to our Weekly Delivery Programme and be a part of the change we wish to see.

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